Baby Schlub only a week old.

The Next Generation

McSchluberson has a new family! What will the challenges of fatherhood mean to the most boring man in the universe?

Single Again

McSchluberson is once again on his own. He struggles to maintain his new life and draw comics on the side.

Chaos Theory

McSchluberson returns from the insane asylum and ready to draw comics again. But, other forces are at play which will lead to his downfall and a tragic breakup.

Mc Schluberson running away with drawings falling out.

Death by Drawing

Schlub McSchluberson! Mild-mannered freight inspector and part-time cartoonist who struggles in his never-ending battle for approval of his comic, The Blazing Bag of Poo. 

McSchluberson at his desk drawing.

Bored at Work

Schlub McSchluberson hates his mindless job so he pursues a career in self-publishing comics. However, McSchluberson finds that the comic world is not as fun as he thought.

Hello World

The original run of McSchluberson and other random stories.